This page is dedicated to our son Noah, his battle with Cancer (twice) and resulting physical disability. We have compiled information in the hopes it will help someone today or in the future: resources, news and information about Spinal Cord Injury.

It is also a foundation we have created on his behalf: Rehabilitation is expensive and only available abroad. He has a long road ahead of him and we thank you for sharing our story and any help you can provide.

At two and a half months, Noah was diagnosed and treated for stage 4S Neuroblastoma. He responded well to the treatment, so we were sent home after only 2 chemotherapy sessions. We were ecstatic, thinking the worst was behind.

Only two months later the cancer came back; this time in his brain and in his spine. His legs and arms were paralyzed and he had difficulty breathing on his own. Doctors could not tell us if he would survive the night.

Noah was in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for 1 month: intubated, paralyzed and fighting for his life. He was treated with aggressive chemotherapy and steroids, while we patiently waited, one day at a time, for the treatment to yield results. Thankfully it did; he beat cancer again.

Noah has never walked independently, he never had the chance. He was too young when the cancer came back and paralyzed him.

Over the past 2 years Noah has been undergoing intensive rehabilitation. He has been showing small signs of recovery, but this journey is an arduous one. His condition is rare, and the specialized care he needs does not exist in Canada. As such, we need to travel to where we can find the best care for him: the United States. This has been and continues to be very expensive. There is only so much we can do at home and our insurance (private and OHIP) does not cover his special physiotherapy needs.

Noah beat cancer twice; now he is fighting to walk. This is the story of Noah and his battle to regain mobility.

And he needs your help.