Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Hi everyone,

Next week Noah and Mommy will be in Florida for physiotherapy at C.O.R.E., and we are very excited! We also hit a huge milestone, and as such we wanted to give a quick update and a big thank you to the people that have donated so far! Your generosity has been amazing! Even Noah decided to participate in a very special thank you message:

In addition, we wanted to share a quick video of Noah doing his walking — trust me, it is harder to film him than his cuteness makes it look! Regardless, this gives you an idea of what Mom is up to on our driveway when the weather is nice. Noah really enjoys the outdoors so we try to take full advantage of that!

Back to the purpose of this post: We want to extend a personal thank you to those that have decided to join us in this journey with Noah (some of you with recurring donations – AMAZING!) and help us along the way. You are part of our lives now 🙂

I think it is also important to share what you have helped accomplished in such a short time!

In 13 short days, 19 incredible people have helped us raise just over $2,500CAD! Not to mention those that have joined us on a recurring basis, contributing to Noah’s fund every month!

To put this into perspective, this allows us to provide Noah almost 22 hours of intensive physiotherapy! That is equivalent to just over 7 days of full-time rehab! All of you are helping make Noah’s extended treatment possible; really, words are not enough to extend our gratitude…

A big thank you goes out to our donors (excluding those that chose to remain anonymous):

Brendan Charters
Wesley DeGroot
Klodiana Djawadi
Gillian Edwards
Sinisha Fachko
Ivo & Emily Ferreira
Dubravka Glisic
Madelaine Golec
Bryan MacDonald
Jennifer McGuire
Kris Newton
Danilo Perkovic
Manuel Romero
Vince Sgabellone
Artan Shahinaj
Chris Suski
Christina Todorov
Maso Uzicanin

Thank you!