And so it begins… hard to believe! Donations, photos, videos and news!

Hi everyone!

This is going to be a long post since I feel I owe a big update! Today I finally had a chance to sit down after a very busy weekend and start of the week getting Noah down to Florida and through his first 2 days at CORE. Obviously mom is busy taking care of things there while I came back home to go back to work!

So first things first.


Your generosity has simply put us at a loss for words! In the 21 days since we started Noah’s Foundation we received 71 donations, totalling close to CAD$12,000! Thanks to you, we can now cover all expenses for this trip AND start planning Noah’s next private rehab sessions (hopefully back in Florida)! We really have no words to express our gratitude, except:


What is Noah Up to?

I am sure everyone is curious as to how Noah is doing in Florida! So far Noah has had 2 full days of rehab! The facility (CORE) is really large, with a lot of equipment we had never seen or used before and a very caring and professional staff. First impressions have been really good and we feel very fortunate to be able to give Noah access to new equipment, new techniques and the dedicated care of multiple staff members that can really engage the right movements, cue the right muscles and help Noah get the best chances of recovery!

And here is Noah in his first few days (You can click to see them full-size)



This post would not be complete without a video of Noah Zip lining across the floor!

Make sure to visit my YouTube channel where I will be posting other videos

They grow up so fast

I also could not resist… Google Photos has this awesome feature where they will create videos, animations, collages, etc based on your existing photos. This is the gem that I got today… I will confess, it brought (happy) tears to my eyes! Enjoy!

Other News

I am also working on another little project: I am in the process of setting up to accept user registrations, meaning if you would like to you will be able to register as a user and have access to comments, notifications when we post new content and maybe, in the near future, exclusive content! But, being realistic, we are still in step 1 🙂 so those will come a little later. Stay tuned for that and Ivona and I will make sure to share it on social media once it is ready.