Another huge thank you to all our donors, update on rehab, user registration

We got back from CORE a couple of weeks ago and it has been NON STOP! We were able to do a quick blog update but we have been owing an update on a few things:

  1. How was CORE?
  2. User Registration
  3. Donations


We have seen incredible improvements in Noah: Trunk control, initiating steps, just incredible… And we believe this is in great part due to his stay at CORE in Florida.

Which makes our next decision easy:  We will definitely be returning. The cost/benefit of having a team of dedicated, knowledgeable staff and seeing the results makes this a no-brainer. The experience was a bit scary at first given how far the place is, relatively speaking, but we could not be happier with the results we are seeing. The only problem really was how HOT it gets in Orlando in the summer! It is hard for Noah to cope with it but we tried to enjoy the only couple of free days we had:

User Registration

In another week, Noah will be heading to Chicago for 3 weeks of rehab before finally coming home for a little break from this hectic summer. I think then I will finally have some time to work on the user registration on our website and will send an update to everyone that wishes to register. That way you can get updates when we post new things!


We are truly humbled by the number of people, friends, family, strangers, who have come together and made a conscientious decision to donate their hard-earned money to such a beautiful cause… And so very, very grateful. We said once and will keep saying it: YOU are the reason Noah is able to access the type of care he needs and his progress is thanks to YOU.

Over 95 people/families have donated so far to Noah’s fund! That is simply incredible!

Thank you all!

Donor Wall

Neda Pajovic Nikolina Uzicanin Jeff Mongeon
Nina Abramova George Tsinokas Boris Nikic
Ilir Lena Puneet Sharma Debi Soehner
Jennifer McGuire Mirjana Seifert Ashley Thompson
David Hirtz Jolanta Golec Nina Menicanin
Klodiana Djawadi Keith Williams Nick Pinto
Chris Dimitrakoudis Dominic Scaffidi Lia Pasculescu
Ivan & Diana Krolo Tamara Ilic Barbara Glen
Angela Varone Family Ilic Bozana Janjic
Dusko Abramovic Adrian Belina Dave Friesen
Dobruna Family Tom Petirs Drazen Glisic
Masa Uzicanin Marko Valcic Polina Minkovski
Behnaz Abdoli Dan Petirs Aida Gluhic
Michael Weldon Tony Antonopoulos Aida & Jasmin Gluhic
Sarah & Dan Green Pavle & Milica Culum James & Ale Peglar
Richard Fabregui Bharat Varma Siobhan Cowan
Bruce Winsor Tarek Taleb Ervin & Edona Vila
Betika Trpkovic Fabrice and Jen So MaryLou Hyde
Lora Marinkovic Marko Saban Zelja and Irena Rukavina
Christian Prohaska & Tamara Coja Danijela, Emir, Haris Kadic

Ivana, Alan, Leo and Miriam Kadic

Dragana And Franjo Šunjić