A little late to the game…

Electrical stimulation!  The news is everywhere.  I have been keeping track of the developments of electrical stimulation implants in humans for some time now.  Some of these studies have occurred in the United States over the last couple of years.  The technology and science behind it isn’t new – but the papers have just been …

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Will he walk?

I have been asked this question by many strangers and friends. It is a loaded question. I can hear the hope in their voice as they ask it. The answer is… …I don’t know. I don’t know because most adults make the majority of their recovery within two years. But, children’s spinal cord is still …

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Chronic SCI Research – ReNetX

One of the frustrating things about spinal cord injury is that there is no agreement on what needs to be done to find a cure.  There are believers in intense rehabilitation, stem cells, electrical stimulation etc.  The good news is that means there are a variety of research studies happening into different possibilities, but it …

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Evelyn Moore’s Story

What a beautiful little girl!  This story reminds me so much of Noah! ‘It’s limitless’: Paralyzed toddler moves from homemade wheelchair to treadmill

5 months! 01-28-2016

Noah is 5 months today! We had a follow up appointment today at Sick Kids. With each visit, we are more and more reassured that Noah is DONE with chemotherapy. Noah’s PICC line is out as well, and he is off blood pressure medication. His blood pressure is back to normal. His weight is up …

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Great News! 01-07-2016

As most of you are aware we were scheduled to start the 3rd round of chemo on 1/7 (Yesterday). We also had a scheduled CT scan before the New Year to determine the treatment progress. On Monday, Jan 4th we had an appointment with our main care doctor (Dr. Baruchel) who gave us unexpected news, …

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2nd Round of Chemotherapy 2015-12-17

Noah is admitted and we are waiting for chemotherapy to be ordered! 3 different chemo drugs plus IV for 3 hours. Should be hooked up for 6 hours today and then stay overnight for observation.

Hearing Test 2015-12-03

Passed our hearing test, which is great news since the chemotherapy can have some effect on it.  Clearly happy about the results 🙂