Equipment can be very expensive, and a lot of it is not covered by ADP/Insurance.  I have found the below resources below to be useful in getting bathing equipment, a walker and sitting equipment for Noah - for free or at a very low cost.

Zach's List - an active Facebook group in which individuals sell equipment for kids with disabilities, or give away for free.

For the Needy not the Greedy - provides free equipment for kids and adults with disabilities.  Everything from wheelchairs, sitting and bathing equipment, strollers, standers, bikes, etc. Their inventory changes quickly so you have to visit to see what they have. They are located in the Niagara Region.

Adaptive Mall - a US online retailer that provides specialized equipment, most of the time at a much lower cost than purchasing equipment in Canada.  The equipment needs to be shipped to the US and there are services that you can use for this.  You would still receive quite a savings.  For example, for the Special Tomato Liner we paid $240 CA plus Shipping and in Canada it would cost $600 plus.

Below is a list of equipment we found very beneficial for Noah.

Special Tomato Liner - we recently purchased this sitting support for Noah.  We love it because we can quickly take it anywhere with us and it provides enough support for a paraplegic child.  It is light and quite small for the support it provides, and attaches to most chairs. It comes in different sizes, and you can purchase the top and the bottom as separate sizes. The material is soft so we don't have to worry about pressure sores, and bonus for a little one like Noah - it is easy to clean!  If you are looking to purchase this chair, and it is not covered by insurance, I would strongly suggest purchasing it from an US online site and shipping it to US than to Canada.  In Canada, it costs three times as much!

Prodije Stander - Best investment ever!  We use this with Noah once to twice a day.  As he gets heavier, the reclining option - meaning I can put him into the stander horizontally and then lift it - has really been a life safer.  Not only is it easier on me, but it also makes sure that I put Noah in the correct position before I raise him upright. The stander has many options for adjustments as children grow, and they are pretty intuitive and easy to use as a parent.  It comes with a decent sized tray and locking wheels so you can roll it into whatever area you wish. The downside,  Noah cannot move himself around like he would with a Rabbit, and it does take up a lot of square footage.

FreeWheel - is a large wheel attachment to the footplate of the wheelchair that raises the front casters off the ground and allows you to go over uneven terrain with ease.  We have tried this with Noah, and though I love it for pushing him around in his wheelchair and not having to worry about bumps on the sidewalk, on the grass, etc. Noah found it hard to make small adjustments to his direction.  The wheel has a mechanism (a magnet) that snaps it back into place to go straight ahead, this is great for stability over uneven ground, but because Noah is so little it makes is hard for him to make small directional changes.  I think as he gets older and gains strength he will really enjoy it. We also found out it was not covered by our insurance.

Ziggle Ride On - Noah used this wiggle toy for the first time in Chicago in July 2018. The child propels themselves by "wiggling" the handlebar from side to side, which sways the Ziggle forward. You can see Noah riding it in this video!



Lil' Rider Ride on Toy - We also purchased this wiggle toy for Noah to try and will report back once it arrives, but the principle is similar to the Ziggle, except: This one is narrower and instead of handlebars it has a steering wheel.  It might be better for small indoor spaces compared to the Ziggle. It is not adjustable, however, so the size of your child has to be taken into account.

IKEA FLISAT Children's Desk - I thought this was fantastic because it allows you to adjust the hight of the table.  In this case, I can practice sitting with Noah, and adjust it higher to practice standing.  And, it's much cheaper than purchasing a similar style table that is deemed "medical equipment".  There is also a matching hight adjustable stool!

Elbow Pads - If you have a little one like I do, they may enjoy army crawling.  Unfortunately, this can be quite hard on the elbows.  I have found that toddler knee pads are perfect for protecting Noah's elbows from the floor.  There are many different brands on Amazon for quite cheap.


Non-slip shelf liner - what???  This is a really cheap solution for Noah slipping in his chair!  Because he doesn't have trunk support, he would just slide right on down from a chair.  If the chair is plastic or wood, this material will work great, and you can just take it with you!