Information & News

The Miami Project - The Miami Project is a Center for Excellence at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.  It is one of the leading investigative research programs conducting cutting edge discovery, translational, and clinical investigations targeting spinal cord injury.

End Paralysis - spinal cord injury research  - provides an overview of research around the world for improving lives of those with spinal cord injury and finding a cure.  Breaks down the different areas into; stem cells, scar & growth inhibitors reduction & regeneration, E-Stim/TMS/BMI, unproven/commercial therapies.

unite2fight paralysis - spinal cord injury research - provides an updates list of current and completed clinical trails.

Current SCI Clinical Trails of Rehabilitation and Technical Interventions to Improve Functional Outcomes - an extensive list of clinical research currently happening around the world.

SPINALpedia - a social mentoring network/community that provides shared SCI knowledge, voices and stories.

Spinal Cord Injury Ontario - provides service, support and advocacy for individuals with SCI in Ontario

Christopher & Dana Reeves Foundation - A great resources for information, news, research, SCI stories.  They are quick to answer via e-mail and will provide you additional resources over e-mail as well as send a packet of information if you provide your home address.

Rick Hansen Institute - A Canadian based organization that focuses on research.  They also provide updates and resources on their website.

AbleThrive - a one-stop platform for people with disabilities and their families to access curated and customized resources from around the world.

Reflex evaluation - a technical explanation around testes reflexes of the spinal cord.  Not all movement seen in someone with a spinal cord injury is voluntary.